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All of our services are free and confidential.  Information is not shared with third parties or other affiliates.

Free Services
All services are free and confidential. Our center does not recommend or make abortion referrals. 

Center of Hope
We offer hope to women facing 
an unplanned pregnancy by providing 
practical help and emotional support 
in a sensitive, non-judmental setting. 

Life-Saving Abortion Alternatives
Counselors at Alpha Pregnancy Center help women with positive tests explore all of their options and consider solutions that will best meet their needs and the needs of their baby. 

Women's Health Education
In-depth information is provided about 
parenting, adoption, and abortion 
alternatives. Women will be counseled 
about their life choices and the risks of 
STD/STI's as a result of sexual activity 
with multiple partners.   

Love, Healing, & Forgiveness
In addition, those struggling with past abortions will  receive compassion and understanding.  Our counselors will offer healing through recovery groups or one-on-one sessions for both women and men.  

Pregnancy Counseling

Realities of Abortion Procedures

Morning-After Pill Information

Birth Control Information

Abortion Alternative Counseling

Adoption Information

Post-Abortion Counseling

Medical Referrals

Medicaid Assistance Referrals

Assistance with baby clothes & items

Someone to listen
Alpha Pregnancy Center provides the following services: